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Zenith Infotech and the art of cloud computing

July 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Zenith Infotech


India has one of the highest penetration and adoption rates for mobile usage in the world. Looking at the huge business potential the country has to offer in this space, most major international players have made a beeline to Indian shores.

In the same way, Cloud Computing is set to be the next big wave after the mobile era.

Cloud computing is nothing but providing IT related resources such as computing, storage, system security, network and application platform as a service. As with any new business opportunities which depend upon IT infrastructure, cloud computing will change the way we compute.

The importance of cloud computing can be gauged from the fact that the Indian government, under the chairmanship of Infosys’ Executive Co-Chairman S Gopalakrishnan, has set up a committee to recommend a framework for cloud computing services. The committee will suggest a framework to promote cloud computing in and from the country.

In cloud computing, end users are not required to buy software or devices as they are offered by service providers on a rental basis. Cloud computing is the way forward to bring affordable services in areas such as healthcare, education, e-governance and banking to masses.

Cloud computing is one of the thrust areas of the proposed National IT Policy that envisages to increase revenues of IT and ITES Industry from USD 100 billion at present to $300 billion by 2020.

Amid increasing usage by small and medium businesses (SMB), the public cloud market in the country is expected to reach USD 685 million by 2014, according to a study by research firm Zinnov. Public cloud market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 55% in the near future and will become a default choice for new IT investments, especially in the SMB segment.

Cloud computing can change the way we do business in today’s demanding and fast evolving commercial environment. Both big and small industries are opting for ‘cloud’ to store data and computation. In fact, cloud has changed the way offices and companies the world over function. It has helped them achieve seamless collaboration with stakeholders, cut down expenses and become more competitive.

In the current scenario of intense and increasing competition, it is essential for business houses, especially small and medium ones, to understand the concept of cloud and find the right vendor. Different cloud applications may be available in the market, but there is a need to buy the right product that is smart, innovative, and most importantly, reliable. Cloud applications of Zenith Infotech, a US-based Indian IT giant that specializes in delivering state-of-the-art cloud computing solutions is a case in point.


Zenith Infotech is one of the pioneers in the cloud computing space. The company offers a number of cutting edge solutions, which include both public and private cloud applications. Their features include technology with unique advantages and its workforce that has in-depth expertise in the area of sales, marketing and international operations.


SmartStyle Computing, the flagship product is an advanced private cloud solution comprising advanced servers, storage, and network and storage virtualisation technology that allows value added resellers (VARs), IT service providers, and system integrators to deliver ITaaS (IT as a service) to their customers.

Zenith Infotech also provides a number of add-ons, such as MirrorCloud, around the core SmartStyle Computing solutions. This enables customers to mirror the contents of a Windows server or desktop to a SmartStyle with an RPO of less than 30 seconds. TigerCloud, another Private Cloud solution for SMBs launched by Zenith Infotech this year, has also been a roaring success.

In addition to the technology, Zenith Infotech’s package offers training, marketing assistance, and 24×7 technical support. The company has approximately 20,000 customers globally. Zenith Infotech has won many international awards for its cloud computing solutions. The company focuses on continuously innovating its cloud computing solutions, and that is why it has invested a total of Rs 230 Crore on R&D programmes since inception.

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